Regatta Report

Nationals – 2022

Cabrillo Beach YC
Write-Up By Paul Galvez

International 14 US Nationals

Hosted by Cabrillo Beach YC

August 26-28, 2022

A small yet very competitive field of eight International Fourteens flocked to LA Harbor to sail the US Nationals in “Hurricane Gulch” at Cabrillo. Known to locals as the windiest spot in SOCAL during the summer, this venue usually delivers the goods. The fleet consisted of at least four former National Champions along with teams from San Francisco, Santa Barbara, LA, and San Diego. In addition, a few newer up and comers traveled from as far as Hawaii and Seattle. The three-day event consisted of a total of nine races: eight inside the Federal Breakwater and one 15 mile Long Distance Race (a Fourteen Nationals Tradition) going outside Angels Gate and return.

Day One brought the typical Gulch breeze from the West with mid to high teens and some stronger puffs for good measure. Two Races scheduled. Race 1 was a short warm up sprint with Gleeson/Barnes taking the win. Race 2 was the Long Distance to Pt. Fermin and back twice around in building breeze and a stacking ebb at Angel’s Gate. Gleeson/Barnes, Ruetenik/Kassler, and Galvez/Roberts all trading places at the top upwind and down. By lap two, it was Galvez/Roberts taking the lead and never looking back to finish first.

Day Two was forecasted to be just slightly lighter, with winds light and out of the South, the fleet waited for it to fill in and stabilize. Race 3 started a bit on the light side but enough to double trap. Gleeson/Barnes get the win, followed by Galvez/Roberts and Leitch /Campbell. By Race 4, the typical breeze is back on with 3 laps. Galvez/Roberts take this one, and Ruetenik/Kassler starting to get some pace earning a second with their single spreader REEFED setup, with Gleeson/Barnes third. Race Five and Gleeson/Barnes win again. Race 6 goes to Galvez/Roberts at the windy last race of the day. It’s turning into a nice dual here with both Teams tied by days end.

Day Three brought the lightest winds, some single wiring and 2 postponements in Race 7 from the RC due to 35 degree shifts. We start and sure enough, the shift swings big again. Those on the wrong side were heavily penalized. Ruetenik/Kassler get their first win with the REEF shook out, followed by Clarkson/Leihe, then Gleeson/Barnes. By Race 8, the breeze direction stabilizes some but remains light. Gleeson/Barnes take this one with Ruetenik/Kassler second and Galvez/Roberts third. Race 9, the final race remains on the lighter side. Ruetenik/Kassler win followed by Leitch/Campbell, then Galvez/Roberts. Great sailing all around.

A heard fought weekend mixed with some great camaraderie in the evenings on 6th and 7th Street. Thanks to all the teams who made the trip and a big Congrats to Terry and JP. Good to see the new boat going well.

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